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Frequently Asked Question

1. How to Track the Order?

Click track order on in the right corner; input your tracking number that provided by Lsybeauty once your hair has been shipped. However, you can’t track your order information before shipping.

2. Which Payment Methods do you Accept?

Credit Card makes payment for your order online.

Paypal: You can make the payment for your order online or by Paypal invoice.

Western Union: You can make the payment for your order offline.

Moneygram: You can make the payment for your order offline.

3. How to Make the Payment for My Order?

To finish your order of, please follow the steps as below:

A. Choose the hair that you want and click “Buy Now” button

B. Then make the payment by Paypal or Credit card on the checkout page

4. How Long will it Take with My Order?

Generally, your order will be delivered within 2-6 business days. It depends on where you are located.

5. How to Cancel the Order?

If you want to cancel your order, you could chat with the customer service to cancel your order. You can contact us with LiveChat or messaging us by Facebook @Lsybeauty hair.

6. I can’t Track My Order with the Tracking Number Offered, What Should I Do?

If you can’t track your order with the tracking number, please contact customer service staff to check whether the tracking number is correct or not. We also provide the latest shipping information to you.

Of course, you could contact the shipping carrier to confirm whether your order is shipped or not for the carrier needs to take about 2 days to update shipping information on their website.

7. Is it Necessary to Wash My Hair Before Installing it?

Of course! You’d better wash it before you wear it on the head. It will make your hair softer and full of life.

8. How Many Hairs do I Need?

If you want a full installation for your head, 3 bundles human hair weave will be enough for fewer 20 inches. Over 20 inch, you have to choose 4 bundles to meet your demands.

9. How Often do I Care My Human Hair Weaves?

Lsybeauty advises shampooing and conditioning your human hair once a week at least with professional products. As to clip in human hair extensions, wash it 1 time four days. It is crucial that take good care of your hair with proper cleansing and a conditioning way for the hair is no longer attached to a live root.

10. When will I Receive My Refund?

If you are not satisfied with the products, you can apply to refund or return. All users’ refund will be processed in 24 hours from Lsybeauty account. While refund needs to take 7-10 business days to your credit card or PayPal account.

11. What Should I Do if I Forget My Password?

You can click reset password and reset your own password immediately or contact with customer service.

12. Could the Hair be Colored?

Absolutely, Lsybeauty offers natural virgin hair; all textures human hair weaves can be colored and permed.