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All About Brazilian Hair

In this post, you will find the answer that what Brazilian hair exactly refers to. Find the 4 best rated and best sold Brazilian hair extensions in Lsybeauty Hair online store. Read our most helpful customer reviews to find the perfect product in your next purchase.

All About Brazilian Hair

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What is Brazilian Hair?

Brazilian hair refers to a kind of real virgin human hair that are processed into great looking Brazilian hair extensions, after washing, drying, hackling, styling (straightened or curled), dying and packaging etc. It is collected from South American region, being the most popular hair type there.

Virgin brazilian hair is very durable beautiful, soft, thick with good prices. It has earned great popularity in recent years because of its luxurious texture. Nowadays, brazilian hair extensions have become the best selling hair type in the global hair market. More than half of Lsybeauty’s customers prefer to choose Brazilian hair weaves to change their look. page divider design

What are the Benefits of Brazilian Hair Extensions


◇ Brazilian hair extension blends naturally with most natural ethnic hair types or hair cut. It can blends well with your own hair as per the expectations.

◇ Brazilian hair weave comes in curly (kinky curly, jerry curly), wavy (natural wave, deep wave, water wave, body wave, loose wave) and straight patterns. The flattering styles are suitable for every face shape (round, square, oval, or pointy etc.) and face length. You can find whatever you like here, whether you want curly and carefree, or silky and smooth.

◇ This kind of hair extensions can be colored into various ombre color hair (black to purple, blonde ombre hair, blue ombre hair, blue ombre hair, 99j hair color etc.), so you can find the hair color you choose, whether you are warn skin tone or cool skin tone. Besides that, if you want to experiment with different hair colors, it’s possible for you to dye the hair extensions, to change its color or highlights. Click to learn more information on How to dye hair extensions?

◇ It comes in different hair lengths (8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, 28 inch, 30 inch) with more than 40 different combinations (8-8-8, 12-14-14, 16-18-20, 24-24-26 etc.). Short one day, long the next? Brazilian hair extensions can satisfy all your requirements on hair length/volume.

brazilian hair

◇ It allows you to cut or restyle it as you want. You can make the hair extensions into a lace wig, then cut it into a bob hairstyle. The human hair extensions give you freedom to do whatever you want.



Brazilian hair extensions are 100% human hair, it’s smooth, shinny, beautiful and silk. Women look beautiful and feel gorgeous when they wear Brazilian hair extensions. The beautiful hair weaves boost the wearers in confidence. Besides the hair make women look younger than their actual age.

It causes less frizz and shedding which is a big plus, so Brazilian hair gives you a full look no matter how long you have bought it. Brazilian hair holds curl very well, therefore curly brazilian hair extensions are really beautiful, bouncy. If you are a fan of curly hair, Brazilian hair is your perfect choice.



◇ Wearing a 100% Brazilian human hair extension will look extremely natural. The top quality raw materials are processed into premium quality hair extensions with a super natural texture. Black women can embrace their natural beauty with the natural-looking Brazilian hair extensions. No one would be able to tell you are wearing extensions.

◇ Brazilian hair extensions are easy to style and care for. you can take care of it just as easy as maintaining your own natural hair. Washing, conditioning, combing, drying etc., you can easily master the knowledge on how to care for your hair extensions.

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The Years Most Popular Brazilian Hair Bundles

Brazilian hair is the most popular and best selling type of hair extensions. In this part, we will talk about 4 of the most popular styles. When you have no idea which hair texture or bundles to choose from, you can pick one from the 4 Brazilian hair extensions.

 Brazilian straight hair

3 bundles Brazilian straight hair with lace closure

Customer Reviews


I really love the black straight hair! The straight hair has a nice luster and feels really soft. I made a lace wig and bleached the knots all by myself. 3 bundles hair (18-20-22) is full enough with a 4×4 lace closure. The lace blends well and perfectly with my skin, and also very durable. I love straight hair best because it is so easy to take care of-rinsing with cool water, washing and conditioning, that is enough for daily maintenance. Overall, good job, will definitely buy again!


 Brazilian water wave hair

4 bundles Brazilian water wave hair

Customer Reviews

Brownskin Sandy:

the water wave hair super exceeded my expectations. I love the texture and feel so much. The hair’s so soft with a definite curl pattern. The seller has told me how to maintain the wavy hair, from daily moisturizing, shampoo, conditioning, and sleeping, all are useful tips, so sweet, thanks. The shipping was super fast, it takes only 4 days to receive my package. If you are looking for some good hair at an affordable price, I strong encourage you to try this hair. You won’t be disappointed!


 Brazilian Deep Wave Hair

4 bundles Brazilian deep wave hair

Customer Reviews


I give the Brazilian deep wave hair a five star review;because the hair is pretty nicely and the curls were so beautiful. I got the 18,20,22,22inch. The hair was packaged neatly and professionally with labels on each bundle showing its texture and length information. No smell when I pulled them out of the packaging. The 4 bundles were thick and full from weft to ends, shedding just a little but for the price. It held up better than I imagined it would. All in all, I definitely recommend the wavy hair.


1b 27 bundles with closure 

1b/27 bundles with closure

The trendy brazilian ombre hair bundles are a great way to add color effects in an instant.

Customer Reviews


the blonde ombre color is beautiful. 3 bundles with a lace closure are thick and full enough to be used for a full sew-in weave. The blonde body wave texture;looks natural and fashionable when wearing it. I have never tried this hair color before, but it seems my first-try succeed. As a college student, the ombre hair bundles are also affordable. Five star★★★★★.

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