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Weekly Recommendation: Body Wave Blue Ombre Hair 4 Bundles

Body wave black to blue two toned hair weave is highly recommended by Lsybeauty Hair, especially to those who love to have colorful hair. It is made of 100% human hair, beautiful and affordable! Browse our vast selection of ombre hair extensions, Never miss it!

Weekly Recommendation: Body Wave Blue Ombre Hair 4 Bundles

A major hair color change is a great way to breathe new life into your hair. With human hair extensions or wigs, it’s certainly possible for girls to get a colorful ombre hair within a few minutes, without bleaching and dying their own hair. Ombre hair is still the year’s top hair color trend to try.

Blue ombre hair weave is designed to turn your hair color into the perfect blue one. It is a gradual fading of natural black (at the top) to dark blue hair, being very trendy right now! Blue is a unique hair color, it instils serenity and peace. With blue ombre hair, you will look pretty calm, healthy and happy.

4 bundles body wave blue hair weave is Lsybeauty’s top selling ombre hair extensions, followed by purple ombre hair. The blue hair bundles are pretty, eye-catching, and mesmerizing. Black and dark blue look so good together, why not try it on now!

Real customer reviews:

“this is my favorite blue ombre hair weave ever! The 22 inch blue hair is very long and I end up cutting it. I love to have crazy hair colors, so love the blue hair!!! It blends in with my hair well”

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