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LSY Beauty Hair's Complete Guide to Hair Extensions: How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions?

If you are looking to shop human hair extensions online, one of the first questions you may have is - how do I know which hair extension set is right for me? Here comes the complete, step-by-step guide to first-time wearer on how to get perfect human hair extensions online. This post is a complete guide on hair extension length, color, grade, texture, bundles, types and thickness. For a first time user, it is recommended to read the hair tutorial first before starting your purchase!

LSY Beauty Hair's Complete Guide to Hair Extensions: How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions?

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In a nutshell, hair extension is utmost common these days. For anyone who have difficulty growing out your natural hair, or want to lengthen your hair, create additional color to your natural hair, try a new hair style, or protect your natural hair, extensions are an instant solution.

This versatility has made it one of the most hot-selling hair products in the global market. All you need to do is carefully pick your hair extensions, apply & maintain them, but with so many extension options out there, what actually matters is how to select hair extensions right for your needs!

In this blog post, LSY Beauty Hair will explain how to choose the perfect hair weaves. Ultimately decision is up to you, but we want to lend some assistance by putting together a buying guide for hair extensions. Here are 7 perfect tips for first-time wearer to choose the right length, color, grade, texture, quantity, type, and thickness when purchasing hair extensions.


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Tips for Choosing the Correct Length

------How to: Choose Your Length of Hair Extensions------

As not every length suits every person, it’s essential to get the ideal length of your hair weaves just right for your height & body figure.
Human hair extension lengths come in 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, 28 inch up to 30 inches. LSY Beauty Hair’s sales data shows that our clients typically choose between 14 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, and 24 inch extensions. 

Lets see hair extensions length chart first:

human hair extensions guide

Q: Why 18 inch straight extension looks longer than 18 inch curly/wavy extension?
A: all hair extensions are measured while pulled straight. Due to the curl, curly and wavy hair loses some length. Compared with straight hair, curly hair has more volume for the same weight. The length of wavy hair texture lies in-between that of the straight and curly.

● 8-10 inch
while choosing hair extensions, your comfort-ability plays the main role.
If you prefer having short hair, then you’d better buy hair weave length ranging from 8 inch to 14 inch.
If you are quite short (5'2" and under) you may want to go with a shorter length (8-12 inch). it is not recommended to buy very long extensions.

● 12-14 inch 
12 inch: perfect for thickening your hair or shoulder-length hair.
14 inch: for length and volume just below the shoulder area.

 ● 16 inch
If you’re looking for longer hair, this is a good starter length.
If you have shoulder-length hair and are after ideal hair extensions with few extra inches to complete your look, we would recommend the 16 or the 18, 20 inch.

wavy hair extensions length 14 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch

● 18 inch
the 18″ sits just on the bust. 
If you want the hair weaves to reach the middle of your back or shorter, we recommend ordering the 18 inch length.

● 20 inch
the 20″ sitting just under the bust area. 
LSY Beauty Hair recommends that you purchase your hair at least 2″ inches longer because trimming during installation is common. For example, if you want your hair extensions just on the bust (18"), then it’s better to order the 20 inch length extensions.

● 22 inch
If you want the length to reach past the middle of your back or longer, we recommend ordering the 22 inch virgin hair bundles.

● 24 inch
22-24 inch, the most two popular length among the global clients.
if you love those long mermaid tresses, anything from 24 to 30 inches will be perfect for you!

● 26 inch
the 26″ just at the waist.
If you are looking to do a long wavy or curly style, you will need longer hair. 26-30 inch is recommended.

● 28 inch
the 28″ at the hips.
If you are much taller than average (over 5'11") consider going longer: 28-30 inch.

● 30 inch
the 30″ is further below and beyond! 
A very longer length of hair extensions can be harder to maintain if you are new to wearing hair extensions.

Hopefully this chart will help you in determining which length is ideal for you when purchasing virgin hair extensions.

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Hair Extensions Grade Guide

Hair wholesalers in China have come up with a hair extensions grading system to determine the quality of the remy hair weave. The hair bundles quality should be: 7A<8A<9A<10A. The price of 10A grade virgin hair weaves is higher than that of 7A items. It is important you know exactly what you are buying.

One of the common questions frequent customers ask us is what grade of hair is sold on
LsyBeauty Hair sells 8A and 9A grade remy hair bundles (we only sell 100% human hair). In general, 8A and 9A grade human hair will satisfy most girls quality demands. Grade 8A and 9A is 100% virgin hair.

How to define hair grading system?

Are 11A grade hair extensions really better than 8A?
It’s really hard to say because technically hair suppliers could call the hot-selling hair weave any “grade” they want.
As there is no regulating body that controls what can be considered 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A or 10A hair.
So, our company version of 8A or 9A hair may not be the same as another. Then, I will detail what LsyBeauty Hair’s grade 8A and grade 9A stand for? You will have a better understanding of the quality of LsyBeauty Hair Extensions.

8A Grade:
Middle grade 100% remy human hair.
strong full cuticle & strong hair shaft. With proper care, it can last 1 year. (you may want to know: how to care remy hair extensions properly? Click for more details) 8A grade human hair extensions are with an affordable price. It is cheaper than 9A grade extension.

9A Grade:
Premium grade 100% remy hair.
Thick strong and full healthy hair shaft lasts over 1 year. 9A grade hair weave bundle is much thicker than 8A or lower grade hair, and has fewer short hairs mixed in the hair bundles. It will not tangle, is easier to maintain.

◇ Grade 10A:
Luxury grade 10A hair extensions are the best of the best. LsyBeauty Hair can also manufacture 10A grade human hair. If you are looking to best grade bundles, please chat with our online customer service to let us know your specified demands, or mail to

Price comparison between 8A grade hair extensions & 9A ones

9A VS 8A: 4 bundles brazilian straight remy hair extensions

9A Brazilian straight hair extensions 4 bundles

↑ $45.44 click to buy>>>


↓↓↓↓ $32.00 click to buy>>>

8A Brazilian straight hair extensions 4 bundles

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9A VS 8A: 3 bundles indian hair body wave weave bundles

9A Indian body wave weave 3 bundles

↑ $34.08 click to buy>>>


↓↓↓↓ $24.00 click to buy>>>

8A Indian body wave weave 3 bundles

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9A VS 8A: malaysian hair jerry curly hair extensions 4 bundles with lace closure

9A Malaysian Jerry Curly Hair Extensions 4 Bundles with closure

↑ $59.75 click to buy>>>


↓↓↓ $48.50 click to buy>>>

8A Malaysian Jerry Curly Hair Extensions 4 Bundles with closure

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Hair Extensions Texture Guide

All women can reclaim their old look by wearing hair extension bundles. Hair texture is a significant part in your look. When shopping online, you will find that there is an array of textures (straight, wavy, or curly) being sold at online hair retailers.

LsyBeauty Hair provides different hair textures for beauties to easily find perfect hair texture match their face shape.

All hair extensions textures

◇ Straight hair texture
1. the simplest hair extensions texture. without any curls, stay flat from the roots to the tips of the entire hair bundle.
2. shiny, silky, soft, smooth, slick
3. Among all the hair textures, straight hair has the most luster and resilience.
4. Classic texture, so it looks great on everyone.

8A Straight Indian Hair Extension 3 Bundles

9A Straight Indian Hair Extension 3 Bundles

8A Straight Indian Hair Extension 3 Bundles

9A Straight Indian Hair Extension 3 Bundles


◇ Wavy hair - body wave, deep wave, natural wave, loose wave, water wave
Wavy hair falls between straight (not completely straight) and curly (also not too curly), a slight curl in “S” shape pattern near the tip of the hair. LsyBeauty Hair has a wide range of wavy hair textures, including “body wave”, “natural wave”, “loose wave”, “water wave” and “deep wave”-more curly.

Difference between all kinds of wavy hair:

natural wave hair extension

natural wave

Natural wave:
Naturally wavy hair texture, is also called wet & wavy - it will return to its original texture once wet/washed and conditioned. It has beautiful natural looking wave pattern, feels like virgin hair. The natural wave hair extensions can be straightened easily. Great choice if you like to modify your look often.

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body wave texture hairbody wave

Body wave style:
a consistent natural S pattern throughout the entire hair bundle. Body wave hair extension has a shiny feel and appearance, lots of volume and body. It is always a popular choice among African American, probably the best selling. Body wave is very easy to maintenance, no tangling, no shedding.

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 loose wave texture hairloose wave

Loose wave hair texture:
The curl pattern of loose wave (loose spiral wave pattern) is a bit tighter, smaller and curly than body wave hair texture. It flows gorgeous, and looks more natural and fluffy. Lots of women choose to buy and use it for many different hairstyles.

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 water wave texture hairwater wave

Water wave:
Water wave hair extension is with small depth waves (waves being closer together), more pronounced than body wave texture. It can be worn by absolutely everyone, especially black women.

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 deep wave texture hairdeep wave

Deep wave:
Deep wave hair texture has a more copious, springy, tighter curls than body wave. It is a smooth well-defined clearly curly texture wave fitting for all the age to greatly adorn your face.

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 loose deep wave texture
loose deep wave

Loose deep wave
The waves are much deeper than loose wave, but less tighter than deep wave. It will give you a full, and luxurious appearance, being one of the most popular wavy hairstyle sold by LsyBeauty Hair Company.


◇ Curly texture hair - jerry curly, kinky curly
Curls of curly texture hair extensions are a bit tighter than wavy ones. It is characterized by “s” shape tight little roll (curls). It has bouncy curl pattern, more thick volume compared to straight and wavy texture, but it requires more maintenance to prevent from tangling. More and more African-America young ladies choose to buy curly hair weave extensions to look more sexy, vivid and fashionable.

jerry curly texture
jerry curly

Jerry curly:
Very small depth curls. Jerry curly texture has tight, loopy curls throughout the entire length of hair bundle. It is an ideal choice if you are looking to naturally curly look hair extensions.

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kinky curly texture
kinky curly

Kinky curly:
Being one of the deep curls texture. It has even smaller curls in depth than jerry curly hair texture. Kinky curly hair extension has an abundance voluminous amount of tight curls.

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Hair Extensions Bundles Guide

The most common questions customers usually ask are:
how many bundles of weaves do I need to make a full head?
is 3 bundles of hair enough for a sew in?
how many bundles should I buy with a frontal

Actually, there are several factors affecting the total number of hair bundles you need to buy!

Factor 1: hair length
The length of human hair bundle is the most important factor. It will directly determine the number of bundles you’ll need. Longer hair tends to look thinner and has less body, therefore the longer hair you choose, the more bundles you will buy.

Use the chart below to determine how many hair bundles you need: 

Length of bundles




Number of bundles

2 bundles

3 bundles

4 bundles

Only for your reference

Each bundle of LsyBeauty Hair extensions weight the same, regardless of length, so the shorter length extensions have more hair on the weft. Taking into consideration of most consumers preferring natural looking hair body and volume, we recommend you to choose bundles with different inches combination (
16"-18"-20" length, for example) rather than with same lengths (22"-22"-22" inches, for example) to increase the fullness of your final install.

Factor 2: hair texture/style
The hair style you go for (straight, wavy or curly style) will more or less determine how many bundles you require. Curly or wavy hair and straight hair are on the opposite sides of the density spectrum:
◆the density of curly and wavy pattern weave will naturally make your head look fuller, so less bundles (2-3 bundles is enough for a full look).
◆while straight hair is usually less dense than the above two hair textures, it will require more bundles (3-4 bundles depending on the hair length) to create a fuller look.

Factor 3: hair weight
The actual weight of each set varies with different online retailers.
◆Each bundle of LsyBeauty Hair Extension weigh approximately 100g (5% more or less than total weight).
◆hair supplier like Luxy Hair, offers 3 different weights: 120g, 160g and 220g.
◆Airy hair supplies hair extensions with such a wide different range of weights from 30g to 200g and above.
More weight means thicker hair. It also means fewer bundles. At, we only offer 100g bundle, so you can easily choose whatever extension you like without complex algorithm.

Factor 4: head size
If your head is bigger, you would look like Gollum with 2 bundles of hair, but your friend with a smaller head manages to get away with the same amount of hair.

Factor 5: closure/frontal or not
Many women like to use a lace closure (4″ x 4″) or lace frontal (13″ x 4″) to finish the weave, complete the look or protect their natural hair.
You will need less bundles for a full head of hair because a lace top closure or frontal piece provides more head coverage and adds volume to your hair.

How many bundles needed with a 4″ x 4″ lace closure?

Hair length that you want

Bundles with closure needed

Hot selling


2 bundles + 1 lace closure



3 bundles + 1 lace closure

Indian natural wave 3 bundles with closure 


4 bundles + 1 lace closure

Peruvian water wave 4 bundles with closure 

Only for your reference
(for really thick and full looks, add an extra bundle)

How many bundles needed with a 13″ x 4″ lace frontal?

Hair length that you want

Bundles with frontal needed

Hot selling


2 bundles + 1 lace frontal

(just for a regular looking)



3 bundles + 1 lace frontal

Brazilian body wave 3pcs with frontal


4 bundles + 1 lace frontal

Peruvian deep wave 4 bundles with frontal

Only for your reference
(for really thick and full looks, add an extra bundle)

In a conclusion, if you are wearing a lace closure or frontal, it will give you a very full and complete look to use 3 or 4 bundles. I know it
s a little bit confusing, so just drop a message to our online customer service. She will give you a support.

Factor 6: volume you want to achieve
The volume you want is another huge determinant in how many bundles you need.
Usually, 2-3 bundles for a thin, more tamed hairstyle.
3-4 bundles for an extreme full and thick body look.

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Others Tips:

◆ Using the highest quality of human remy hair extensions to shine your beauty.

◆ Looking for certified hair stores like LSYBEAUTY HAIR, 100% preferably remy hair with ex-factory price. Whatever hair types and textures, we have it!

◆ We hope you found this post informative and this helps you make an informed purchasing decision.

◆ Finally, have fun!


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