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What is Ombre Hair? Top 7 Ombre Hair Color 2019

Ombre hair is a timeless hair color trend. All women can change up with colorful ombre hair. Tradition ombre hair color changes from black roots to bold color like purple, red, pink, burgundy etc. Ombre hair color consists of two-toned, and three-toned. Each of them are fashion, and popular around the world. You can change up your look by simply wearing ombre hair extensions or wigs. Lsybeauty Hair will detail “what is ombre hair” and top 7 fashion ombre hair color this year.

What is Ombre Hair? Top 7 Ombre Hair Color 2019

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What is Ombre Hair?

Top 7 Ombre Hair Color Trends 2019

     -- Blonde ombre hair

     -- Purple ombre hair

     -- Red ombre hair

     -- Blue ombre hair

     -- Pink ombre hair

     -- Burgundy ombre hair

     -- Green ombre hair

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Hair trends come and go, while ombre hair has been on trend for many years. One of the reason that ombre hair color being so popular is because it is the best choice for women who want to go a little lighter and the color possibilities are endless. Besides that, ombre is an easy look to pull off.

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Ombre Hair Definition: What is Ombre Hair?

Ombre hair refers to the color of your hair gradually lightened from top (dark color at the roots) to bottom (light haircolor at the tips) to create a softer, ethereal look, with natural shades for a smooth and seamless gradient, or with more dramatic shades for a sleek, edgier look, such as the most noteworthy colors like pink, blue, green or violet.

◆ Ombre hair color is versatile on various types of hair, straight hair styles, body waves or loose curls etc.

◆ Ombre hair will give you a natural-looking highlights

◆ Ombre works well with every hair color, each hair length and all hair styles.

◆ Ombre hair color is a quick change up for special occasions like bridal party, wedding, graduation, private party, prom, night out, birthday and so on.

◆ Colorful ombre hair is an anti-aging color, suitable for all ages.

◆ You can get ombre hair color at home by wearing ombre hair wigs, or ombre hair extensions.

◆ Ombre hair enables women to use different toners on the hair ends.

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7 Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Black Hair

 black to blonde ombre

Blonde Ombre Hair

Blonde colors include ash, sun-kissed, ice, platinum, titanium, light and dark blonde. Black and blonde ombre hair is the most natural color combinations. The amazing black to blonde ombre on long straight or wavy hair is an absolute stunner! No matter your hair’s long or short, straight, wavy, curly or braided, the blonde ombre color will be sure to inspire your next look.

black to blonde ombre color hair
dark blonde

light blonde color hair

light blonde color

Last month, one of my regular customers mailed to me, and said that the first time she got black blonde ombre color hair, it was particularly enviable, effortlessly chic and life-changing. The blonde ombre hair look perfectly evoked the cool vibes she wanted.

 ombre blonde body wave hair

Get Jalishas look with 3 bundles blonde ombre body wave hair weave and 1 lace closure


black to purple ombre

Purple Ombre Hair

Purple ombre is a futuristic-leaning color trend. The two toned black to purple ombre hair color is really pretty. Just imagine that your beautiful long hair with gothic black roots, then fade to a cool rich purple color, SERIOUS DREAMS. Black-to-Purple is definitely one of the most popular cool-toned ombre hair color, suiting most skin tones.

 purple ombre hair

When it comes to purple ombre hair, Katy Perry is our forever inspiration.

Over the past few years, purple ombre hair has created a fresh new hairstyle for brave women to express themselves and get them noticed. It shows your whimsical side. It is your go-to color if you are looking for good combos of purple hair on dark skin.

black to purple straight hair weave

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 black to red ombre

Red Ombre Hair

For years, RED has been the color of bold, lust and passion. Black to red ombre hair is a great combining of these 2 colors: both the red and black roots parts are shiny and rich. Black-to-red is a graceful color transition, just like saying “Be brave, Be bold!” every time you see and touch it.

The red ombre color hair is a hairstyle which is totally on point. Whether you have wavy or straight hair, short or long hair, a black and red ombre hair extensions mix will look amazing.

red ombre hair color

Here are the most stunning black to red ombre hair styles for fiery ladies.

black to red ombre hair 3 bundles with closure

Straight red ombre hair extensions


black to red body wave ombre hair
Body wave black to red ombre hair extensions

 black to blue ombre

Blue Ombre Hair

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean. It is often associated with being calm and cool. Now blue ombre hair are completely in fashion. The rising popularity of this ombre hair color proves blue is gorgeous at any age. Black to blue ombre hair looks stunning. Black-to-blue is a magical shade transforming you an extraordinary mythical goddess, especially when you choose long wavy hair.

black to blue ombre hair

Lsybeauty black to blue ombre hair extensions add blue color to the hair from the bottom all the way up to nearly the tips, with black color at the roots. This classic but incredible blue ombre design creates a natural, stunning look straight, curly or wavy.


 black to pink ombre

Pink Ombre Hair

With everyone opting for bright beautiful hair nowadays, it makes sense to add lively color, such as pink, in your hair or hair extensions, wigs. Pink pairs great with black hair, purple, or blonde hair. Pink ombre is an on-trend way to freshen up your black.

Black and pink ombre color is one of the best put-together fashion hairstyles this fall season. It’s bold yet sweet. The pink ombre hair color on your straight or wavy hair looks edible. Lsybeauty Hair’s beautiful pink ombre hair extensions are the products of careful coloring and expert technique. To achieve an amazing look, there are about 2 inches of dark at the top, and then ending with light pink color.

black to light pink ombre hair extensions

Get Shronda's look with Ombre Pink Hair extensions


 black to burgundy ombre

Burgundy Ombre Hair

Burgundy is also called dark red, or red wine color. Burgundy is one of the biggest hair color trends we are all aware of in the last few years. In Pinterest and Instagram, burgundy ombre hair has been the hot new trend in a highly creative color, being the new favorite of bloggers and other style savants.

Black-to-burgundy is one of the traditional ombre hair consisting of natural black color on top with red wine color ends. If you have olive skin or dark skin, you are in luck. Just about every shade of burgundy will look gorgeous on you.

burgundy ombre hair extensions


 black to green ombre

Green Ombre Hair

Thinking about going for green ombre hair? Ombre in green is totally in right now and black to green looks simply incredible. Green adjusts to your basic hair color to create a smart retro look. Black and green ombre hair is a very summer-perfect look for young and old women. It is also a great party hair to make you be in the center of everyone’s attention.

black to green ombre

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