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Lsybeauty Hair’s Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Human Hair Wig

Wigs are excellent protective styles keeping you stylish. More women have started opting for wearing wigs to keep up with the latest hair trends. There are some guidance when wearing a wig for a natural looking and less damage to your own hair and hairline.

Lsybeauty Hair’s Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Human Hair Wig

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Considering Wigs? For women around the world, donning a wig is a quick, convenient method to revamp look without styling their own hair. Go over Lsybeauty’s do’s and don’ts when using a wig, and you will get the most out of your new wig, and prevent damage to your hairline.

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for a natural feel and look wearing a human hair wig

 100% human hair wig

Choose a Premium Quality Real Human Hair Wig

To make your wig real and natural, a 100% human hair wig is a must have. It’s important to select one that is of high grade and good quality. As it is made of real human hair, the completed wig feels like natural hair, with totally remarkable and natural texture.

Human hair wig is with realistic appearance. When you wear it, others aren’t able to identify your hair as a wig. Besides that, it is more manageable.

The higher quality the wig is, the less likely it will shed.

The better wig you choose, the more natural it will look.

 wigs with natural hairline

Opt for a Natural Hairline

Anyone who wear wigs know that the appearance of the hairline is key. The hairline of a wig cannot be too far black or too far forward. It will definitely make your hair look natural to wear a wig with natural looking parting and hairline. Every endeavor you make to let your wig look as natural as possible, is actually a process to “blend” your natural hairline with your wig’s hairline.

A well-made lace wig’s good at mimicking a realistic-looking hairline, especially when it has baby hairs around the hairline. So do purchase lace wigs: full lace wig, and lace front wig.


Nowadays, more and more hair factories have began to bleach to style a natural hairline for their customers. However, more jobs need to be done to match you best, after receiving your wig. What to do to style a natural hairline by yourself ? Here’re Lsybeauty’s tips:

 Pluck the hairline of your wig: Using a pair of tweezers to carefully pluck away a few hairs from the hairline and the (center or side) part, to give it a clean look and make the wig look more natural.

◆ Create baby hairs: Baby hairs can hide the edge of any visible lace. They add a natural look to the edge of the hair. If your wig has no baby hairs around the edges, you’d better re-create baby hairs by yourself for a more natural looking hairline.

create baby hairs for your wig 

◆ Trim the excess lace: Before wearing a wig, trim the lace around the hairline with a scissors, and then match the wig hairline with your own. But notice not to trim too much. This is what makes the wig look natural.

trim excess lace for your wig 

Put The Wig into Position Perfectly

Don’t put the wig too far below your hairline, just at the perfect place of your hairline. During the wearing process, adjust the wig edge so that the wig was put naturally on your head as close to the natural hairline as possible. Once the wig’s in place, use glue at the front edge to secure it, and then use wig band to keep it completely secure for an amazing natural hairline.

care for hair wigsProper Care of Your Wig

The most important thing to keep your wig natural and long-lasting is to take good care of it. The better you do, The more natural it is. Especially for those who prefer curly wig, without proper care, the curly hair wig is more prone to tangles, resulting in an unnatural feeling.

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for reducing the damage to your hairline wearing human hair wig


We rely on wigs to achieve fashionable looks, but we don’t want our own hair to be damaged during the wearing of wigs. For those who are wondering “is wearing a wig bad for hairline?”, you will find the answers in this post, to minimize the damage to hairline wearing wigs.

 wash your wig

Dont Wear a Wig without Washing

Wigs have gone through chemical processing such as coloring and bleaching during production. Chemicals can be absorbed into the scalp, do harm to our natural hair. Therefore, do remember to wash the wig first. Never wear it straight from the package!


A washed wig goes against the return policy. So have a quick wear once receive it to decide whether it fits to you or not.

 proper fitting wig

Dont Wear a Wig Incorrect in Size

A proper and natural fit is essential for both comfort and security. If the wig’s too tight, it can cause hair loss and break off your edges, napes, natural hair, and irritate your scalp, and vice versa. Wigs that are too loose will look fake, and easily slip off, ride up or look misplaced. Therefore a proper fitting is one of the most important part of choosing a human hair wig.

All of Lsybeauty’s wigs, both straight hair wig and curly wig, full lace wig or lace front wig, 360 lace wig or ombre wig, are with adjustable straps. There is no need worrying about improper fitting buying on Lsybeauty Hair. For women with larger head sizes, Lsybeauty Hair provide you with custom made wigs. Give us a Chance, Give you a Choice.

 Save your edges

Dont Overuse Wig Glue

Though it is suggested to avoid adhesive if possible, some people still prefer using wig glue, to secure the wig, to hold the hairline in place better or for a particular style. Whatever, try to minimize how often you use the glue, because too much wig glue will definitely lead to hair loss and breakage around the hairline.

There are some tips for you to minimize the damage to your hair and hairline when using wig glue:

◆ Do a skin test if you have sensitive skin.

◆ Apply adhesive below or cover your hairline, avoid applying it in your hair.

◆ Do remove the excess glue with mild rubbing alcohol.

◆ Choose less harsh wig glues, less damaging.

◆ Be gentle and patient when pulling your wig off, to protect your hairline.

◆ Glueless lace wigs are highly recommended.

 Try not to sleep with wig

Dont Wear Your Wig 24/7

Although wigs are convenient, they may rub our hairline away. Never forget to take good care of our own hair.

The first thing is to take our own hair breath. Do not sleep with the wig.

The second thing is to keep our natural hair clean and healthy, which will help us avoid hair loos, and hairline damage. With a healthy scalp, the wig will feel more comfortable

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