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How to Make a Lace Closure Wig?

Being one of the most welcome hair pieces, lace wigs are in huge demand. We always receive quite a few questions relating to “how to make a homemade wig with real and natural looking”, or “how to make a wig using human hair weave” etc. In this article, Lsybeauty Hair will be showing all beginner wig-wearers a detailed tutorial on making your own wigs at home from start to finish. Hope the tutorial will do you a favor.

How to Make a Lace Closure Wig?

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As a professional human hair extensions & wigs manufacturer and online trader, Lsybeauty Hair certainly have first-hand experience of making a natural looking wig using hair weave bundles and lace closure.

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Non-Sewing Method: How to Make a Wig with Glue and Hair Extensions?

Firstly, let’s talk about the tools you will need to make a homemade wig using glue method.

You will need the following tools: 

◆ adjustable wig cap

◆ wig head

◆ wig stand

◆ hair bundles and lace closure

◆ hot glue gun

◆ needle & thread

◆ hair pins (to hold wefts in place)

◆ comb

◆ tweezers

wig cap and wig head to make a wig

NOW, Lets create the wig!

Step 1:

Mount the wig head on a wig stand to make it stable when creating your wig.

Step 2:

Bring out your wig cap and place it on the top of the wig head.

Step 3:

Pin the lace closure on to the wig cap in the exact location you like best. And then begin sewing it using simple back and forth stitch technique. Remember try to make your lace closure hair lay as flat as possible no matter what sewing technique you use.

sew in lace closure on to the top of wig cap

sew in lace closure on to the top of wig cap

Sew in lace closure on to the top of wig cap

Step 4:

Sewing weave bundles on to the wig cap:

Glue your hair bundles down quite closely together by using hot glue gun, to create a more hair volume homemade wig. In the gluing process, keep attaching your hair weaves in a circular rounds.

secure hair bundles onto the wig cap using hot glue gun

glue your hair weaves in a circular rounds

glue your hair bundles in a circular rounds 


◇ For beginners, if you have no idea how the hair wefts should be attached, Lsybeauty Hair suggests you to measure how long the wefts to be needed and cut the tracks first, then pin them in place before gluing. This will help you create a flawless finish. If you are a more experienced homemade wig maker, you can try the flip method with no cutting of the tracks.

◇ Start gluing the hair wefts onto the wig cap from the nape area.

◇ Be careful when using this method, prevent your hands from being burned when gluing.

◇ It will be very difficult to move the hair once the glue is dry, so make sure place your hair wefts in the right place the first time.

Step 5:

With all the hair wefts glued in place, pluck the hairline to make your homemade wig more natural. Then cut off the excess lace from the lace closure around the hairline.

 plucking the wig

trimming the lace around the hairline

plucking hairline

Hairline parting

Step 6:

Style your homemade wig:

Once your lace wig is done, it’s time to style it, straighten or curl, cut or layer.

Pros of making a lace wig using a hot glue gun :

◇ It is super fast and more durable.

◇ It is pretty beginner friendly. Using this method is a great choice for new wig makers.

Video tutorial on how to make a wig using hot glue gun:

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Quick Weave Method: How to Make a Lace Wig without Glue?

Lace wigs are extremely popular. Many women prefer to customize their own wigs at home with human hair weave bundles and lace closure, which is a great way to cut costs. In this part, Lsybeauty Hair will detail the other method to make a lace wig, a glueless method.

Tools needed for lace wigs making:

◆ adjustable weaving cap

◆ mannequin head

◆ wig stand

◆ hair bundles with closure

◆ needle, nylon thread

◆ tweezers, scissor

◆ hair pins (to hold wefts in place)

◆ comb

Following the guide on how to make a lace closure wig and get started whenever you are ready.

Step 1:

Place and hold down the wig cap (it should fit perfectly to your head) on the mannequin head with pins.

place the wig cap onto wig head

Step 2:

Put the lace closure in the right place in the front of the wig cap and use hair pins to secure it. Then use needle to sew the lace closure onto the cap, firmly, and as natural as possible.

Step 3:

Prepare human hair bundles, and use a curved sewing needle to sew the hair row by row from the bottle to the top, to cover the wig cap.

sew hair bundles

sew human hair bundles from neckline up
◆to leave an even amount of space between each track you lay down on your cap.

◆to create a knot every 5-10 stitches.

◆to make every stitching tight and secure.

Continue sewing wefts down neatly and securely from ear to ear to make sure it lays as flat as possible each time.

sew human hair bundles using a curved sewing needle

Repeat these steps until you reach the top of the head at the seam of the lace closure, and sew the tracks as closely together as you can to eliminate any gaps.

how to make a wig at home


In your sewing process, you may choose to cut the hair bundles or not. If you are a first-time wig maker, it would be more easier for you to sew the bundles to cut them into several pieces. But cutting them would cause a little shedding.

Step 4:

Cut the extra lace off the lace closure. Pluck it, part it, and style it.

homemade wigs

If you know a budget friendly beauty that wants to cut costs and create their own wig, please do remember to share this post with her.

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