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Can I Dye Human Hair Extensions? How to?

Hair Tutorial: step by step guide on “how to dye your human hair extensions darker, lighter or ombre at home?” Only natural color virgin hair bundles are recommend to be dyed.

Can I Dye Human Hair Extensions? How to?

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Read more details on hair extensions below

Hair extensions wearers

● want to make the hair extensions exactly match your natural hair color perfectly;
● get bored with your everyday hair color especially when the weather starts to warm up;
● want to try crazy/vibrant colored hair to alter the tone, for example, you want to change your hair the same color with Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) in <Avengers: Endgame>, it turns out that dyeing your hair extensions a different shade (darker or lighter)/tone your hair bundles (redder or cooler) is effective and beautiful!
Though you can customize the hair weave in any color you like, it is not true that all extensions can be dyed.

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Classification of Hair Extensions? Which Type is Recommend to Dye?

Hair extensions shall be classified into two types:

■ Synthetic hair extensions
Synthetic hair is processed, You cannot do much with them. Synthetic extensions are made from synthetic fibers, so dyeing synthetic hair extensions is a huge NO. Synthetic hair extensions cannot be dyed because it will more-than-likely be damaged and rendered unwearable in the dyeing process.

■ Human hair extensions
Differing from synthetic hair, human hair suits a variety of modelling. Hair extensions that are made of 100% human virgin hair are the best type of weaves strong enough that can be heated, styled and dyed just like your natural hair.

If you prepare to color your hair, before you begin, check and double-check that the hair extensions are labeled as 100% true human hair so that they can be chemically treated with hair color.

Human hair extensions can be classified into two broad categories:
□ natural color human hair weaves (also called virgin hair extensions, has never been colored)
□ colored human hair weaves


Natural color bundles

Colored bundles

 Recommend to dye

× Not recommend to dye

it has never been colored before and is natural

the damage to the hair that has been colored before is very large

3 bundles 100% Malaysian human hair body wave weave

body wave human hair extensions 3 bundles

 1b/99j color ombre 100% human hair extensions 3 bundles

ombre 1b 99j human hair extension straight hair

LsyBeauty Hair Tips:

If you like to always change your hair extensions color, please do make sure you are ordering at a 100% real human hair weaves online shopping store, and make 100% sure that the store has listed hair dye as a safe option for their extensions.

For example, 4 bundles 9A grade straight Brazilian human hair weavehair extensions can be dyed or not

Lsybeauty Hair is one of the best online store that deals with long lasting quality 100% real virgin human hair extensions only so it takes color really well and looks incredibly natural.

We list all detailed parameters (including: can be dyed or not) in every product single page. You can know whether the bundles can be dyed or not there.

If it can be dyed, you are home free. If not, then you should proceed with caution and do your research.


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How to Dye Your Virgin Human Hair Extensions?

It is a simple at-home process to custom color your remy hair extensions. There are just a few steps to follow.

Dyeing Your Natural Black Hair Extensions Darker 

tools for dyeing your human hair extensions

A list of tools you will need prior to starting your hair extensions dyeing process

Human hair extensions

100% virgin hair, non-chemically processed

Hair color and developer



Keep hands clean

Applicator bottle, small mixing bowl

Allows the smooth mixing of colors

Tint brush and wide-tooth comb

Distributes the hair color evenly

Plastic wrap


Tin foil (aluminum foil)


Face mask

Limits the amount of dye chemicals breathed in



Shampoo and conditioner


 Below is a step-by-step guidance on how to safely dye your hair extensions:

how to dye your human hair extensions darker

Step one:
Disentangling your hair extensions, combing through them using a wide-tooth comb

Step two:
Washing the hair extensions to wash out any styling product in them, and dry it with a towel or air-dry it completely.

washing the dye outStep three:
Reading hair color instructions (before) preparing hair color mixture: Put on the rubber gloves, pour hair color and developer into the applicator bottle and shake it to ensure the color is mixed thoroughly.

Step four:
Applying the dye to each hair extensions strands as soon as the color mixture is ready, use tint brush to distribute the hair dye evenly making sure that each section of your hair extensions are completely covered/saturated, then use aluminum foil to cover your hair extensions after proper application of the color on them.

Step five:
Leave the dye on for the amount of time given on the hair dye box (20 to 40 minutes) before washing the dye out.

Step six:
Rinsing the hair dye out of your hair extensions (15-20 minutes): make sure the water is running clear warm water. Hold the top of the weft, rinse under warm water thoroughly and use your hands to detangle to ensure the color mixture is completely out.

Step seven:
Shampoo the hair extensions to wash out all extra color (if necessary repeating with a second shampoo), apply a leave-in conditioner and leave on for a few moments, rinse away using cold water, and let the extensions air-dry thoroughly.

Step eight:
Leave until the next morning and comb it thoroughly


light human hair extensionsDyeing Your Remy Hair Extensions Lighter

Q: how to dye my hair extensions lighter?
    We advise you NOT to dye them lighter or bleach them.

Most hair extensions (straight, curly or wavy style) have already been through one or several chemical process(es). If you’re set on changing your hair extension several levels lighter than its natural color, then you’ll have to opt for a bleaching treatment to lighten the hair color.
As we all know, any kind of further treatment, especially bleaching process, can lead to a lot of damaging (hair extensions will get damaged faster with bleaching), therefore it is always easier and less damaging to dye your hair extensions from lighter to darker, than from darker to lighter.

☑ buy a natural color hair weave bundles that havent been processed by the factory. Then you can dye them into any color you like.
☑ simply order a set of hair extensions that are lighter at store. Shopping online will give you more style and color options, as well as a cheaper price. 
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☑ mail to or get in touch with our online customer service to custom whatever color you like. Lsybeauty Hair provides customize hair extensions services for individual customers.


ombre hair extensionsDye Hair Extensions Ombre

Ombre human hair extensions look darker on top (match your natural, own growing hair) and the ends get progressively lighter. The best way to ombre hair extensions is to dye blonde hair extensions, dyeing the top halves of the wefts darker, as hair extensions definitely cannot be bleached.

Follow these tips and hopefully you will have minimal damage to your human hair extensions.
Step one:
Before starting to color your hair extensions ombre, make sure that you have the correct shade of hair dye.

Step two:
Apply an ample amount of dye to the top half of the weft, and then smudge the hair in short strokes from the top to the middle of the wefts with a tint brush, being sure the dye go in between each strand and saturate it completely.

Step three:
After that, leaving the dye to develop for the recommended amount of time.

Step four:
Condition the ENDS of your hair extensions before washing them, to prevent the dye from running to the ends of the wefts.

Step five:
Thoroughly Rinse the dye away using warm water.

Step six:
Lightly shampoo and condition to wash the hair extensions. Allow them to air-dry thoroughly before using them.

What are my options?
Ultimately, you fail to color your hair extensions or damage them. what can you do? Your best bet is simply choosing the right color when you initially order your hair weaves. 

Dye Hair Extensions Ombre


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How Many Times can I Dye My Hair Extensions?

Dyeing or toning your hair extensions may alter the hair structure, leading to a lowered lifespan.
LsyBeauty Hair kindly note:
Don't dye your hair extensions more than three times, or it will ruined your extensions .


So, there you have it - a complete guide on how to color your hair extensions! Whether you want to dye your hair darker or get the ombre look, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips for a perfect dye job!
dye your hair extensions

 All about LsyBeauty Hair:
Lsybeauty Hair is a leading 100% real hair extensions supplier which deals with human hair only. We had been in hair bundles & wigs making industry since 1980s, and already build our own factory at that time. With decades development, Lsybeauty Hairs prices have remained stable on the back of long-term strong power supply of raw materials - 100% real human hair. You can shop affordable, top grade, best quality 100% human hair bundles & wigs without worrying about tricks likebuy synthetic hair marked as human hair for triple the price without knowing

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