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Curly Hair Care Routine: How to Maintain Curly Wigs and Human Hair Extensions?

Everyday, Lsybeauty Hair will receive the same question relating to daily hair care routine for their curly hair. We all know that proper and careful maintenance will bring your curly hair extensions and wigs back to life. BUT, what to do to maintain a healthy, natural and detangling curly hair. In this article, Lsybeauty Hair will list some effective haircare tips for women on how to moisture, wash, brush and dry your curly hair. Hope it will help you manage your curls natural and gorgeous.

Curly Hair Care Routine: How to Maintain Curly Wigs and Human Hair Extensions?

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Curly hair has been the top 2019 hair trend. It is the sexiest, and with curly style, you will get your hair look exactly amazing. If you know how to manage them well with extra care, your curls will definitely maintain natural, last a longer time and look like a careful coiffure.

However, due to this type of hair texture, curly hair requires a higher level of maintenance and care. It also means that it is very difficult for women to manage and style the curly hair extensions or natural curly wigs.

Some of Lsybeauty Hair’s regular customers reflected that their curly hair knot, mat, tangle and frizz so easily. We did a survey, and the report showed that more than 90% customers have to idea HOW TO TAKE PROPERLY CARE OF CURLY WEAVE! It is possible to protect your hair’s “natural curl” gorgeous and healthy by using the effective curly hair care routine.

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Detangling: how to detangle your curly hair extensions?

As a crucial step in any hair care regimen, properly detangling is a must-have process before you do anything. It will prolong the service life of your curly hair extensions.

Frequency: everyday

---the more kinky your hair is, the more important it is to detangle it, to prevent your hair extensions from getting matted, decrease the chances of it occurring.

Tool: a detangling brush, a good conditioner, a lot of patience

Direction: starting from the tips to the roots


◆wet your curly hair extensions/wigs in the combination of water and conditioner. It will make hair really soft and slippery.

◆gently work in small matted and tangled sections. Remove mats from the tips and work your way down with patience.

detangling your curly hair weave


◇removing tangles as gently as possible

◇using conditioner to soften and moisturize your hair at first. Wet makes it easier to detangle your curly hair.


▽never try to detangle your hair when it is dry.

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Daily Moisturizing

Curls love moisture, because moisture keep them intact and less prone to mat and frizz, to a great extent, moisture prevents your curls from tangling.

A daily moisturizing routine will definitely revitalize, protect the curly hair, and help keep the curls bouncy.

How-to: try to spritz your curly hair daily with water to keep the curls hydrated and follow-up with a leave-in conditioner designed for curly hair.

Daily Moisturizing of curly hair

Dos: both rinse and condition daily are essential to keep the hair moisturized and looking fresh. Therefore, outside of daily moisturizing, deep conditioning treatment should be added to your haircare routine

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Deep Conditioning

Curly and wavy hair weave are more prone to dryness, and then causing hair breakage, frizzies etc. Therefore, your curly hair need deep conditioning.


◇it will open up the cuticles of curly hair extensions, and allows all the nutrients the conditioner contains to deeply penetrate your hair weave strands.

◇deep conditioning increases the longevity of curly hair extensions/wigs.

◇using a deep conditioner gives your hair an even bigger boost.

Frequency: 3-4 times per month

---it will help maintain your curly hair extensions/wigs last a longer time.

deep conditioning your curly hair weave


◆make a oil and conditioner mixture: mixing hair oil (such as natural olive oil, argan or babassu) with deep conditioner in a washbowl.

◆place your curly hair bundles inside of the bowl. Making sure all your hair is completely saturated with the oil/conditioner mix.

◆place the hair bundles/wig in a shower cap or a plastic bag, and leave on for 30-60 minutes.

◆rinse out: when your done, just co-wash out as normal (rinse your curly hair using cold water, No Shampoo).

◆then they should follow with their regular shampooing and conditioning regimen.

Knowledge Extension:
Co-Washing: curly hair is drier and more vulnerable to damage, shampooed too often will lead to your hair more drier, and more prone to frizz. Co-washing refers to “cleanse hair with a conditioner as an alternative to shampoo”, therefore co-washing is also called “conditioner-only washing”. It is a perfect way to give your curls a mid-week boost, to bring your curly hair back to life and infuse extra moisture.

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Shampoo/Conditioning: How to wash curly hair extensions/wigs?

It would be unwise to leave your curly hair unwashed for weeks. It is not recommended to wash hair extension frequently, but they still need to be washed occasionally to keep the curls clean and refreshed..

Frequency: once a week

Tools: a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo; a quality conditioner; clean water; towel; leave-in conditioner


◇soak curly hair weave/wig in a washbasin full of clean cold or warm water.

◇apply quality shampoos to your curly hair, and wash it gently in a downward motion to avoid tangling.

◇rinse the weave, and then squeeze the water from it

◇apply a quality moisture-rich conditioner, massage it into the hair with the same downward motion. Leave the conditioner in your curly hair at least 1 min. Then rinse the hair.

◇towel dry your hair, and then detangle the semi-wet hair gently with your fingers or detangling brush.

◇squirt little amount of leave-in conditioner or curl activator into the curly hair.

◇air dry

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Tossing and turning in bed at night causes hair tangling. Lsybeauty Hair suggests that you sleep with a satin covered pillow or a satin cap to protect the curly hair from friction. The other recommendation is to gently put your hair “up” on top of your head at night and tie in pony tail to prevent tangles.

In the morning, wake your curls up with a sprits of water.

how to sleep with curly hair

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