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Synthetic Wigs vs Human Hair Wigs: Their Differences, and Which one to Choose?

There are so many difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. From the analysis of their raw materials, daily maintenance, life span, styling versatility, prices and weights, the post gives all readers particular information about their differences. Enjoy your reading NOW!

Synthetic Wigs vs Human Hair Wigs: Their Differences, and Which one to Choose?

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Human Hair Wigs vs Synthetic Wigs

◆ Raw Materials


Life Span

Daily Maintenance

Styling Versatility



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Lsybeauty hair analyzes the differences between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, from the aspects of raw materials, appearance, life span, daily maintenance, styling versatility, price, processing techniques and weight etc. After reading this post, you will know the differences between synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. When it comes to shop a wig online, you will definitely know which one to choose!

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Synthetic Wig vs Human Hair Wig: Raw Materials

synthetic wig

 Synthetic wig

A synthetic wig is made of man-made fibers like nylon, usually polyvinyl, acrylic or polyester, or synthetic materials like toyakalon or kanekalon.

 Human hair wig

A human hair wig is made of 100% real hair. The raw materials of human hair wigs are mainly bought from India, Malaysian, Brazil and Peru, therefore hair factories classify human hair extensions and wigs into 4 types:

  • Indian hair
  • Malaysian hair
  • Brazilian hair
  • Peruvian hair

human hair wig

Besides the different hair types, human hair wig also comes in a wide variety of textures (natural wave, body wave, deep wave, loose wave, water wave, kinky curly, jerry curly, straight), so you can choose a perfect and favorite texture. Different hair textures also allow you to find something that matches your natural hair exactly, for example, the beautiful curly hair enable black women choose a hair texture more closely to their own hair.

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Synthetic Wigs vs Human Hair Wigs: Appearance

Human hair wig’s the most natural. It has an incredibly and completely natural look, texture and feel as great as your natural hair when you touch it. Moreover, human hair wig has a more natural color when compared to synthetic hair wig. Real human hair wig will give you lustrous and shinny hair.

human hair wig with natural look

Synthetic wigs have an unnatural shine, less shiny than human hair wigs. When you purchase a low quality synthetic wig, it is super easy to tell the difference between a real hair wig and a synthetic one.

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Synthetic Wig vs Human Hair Wig: Life Span

Real human hair is the most durable hair type. Human hair wig can last 2-3 times longer than synthetic one. It is with a life span of 12-18 months if you protect and care for it properly.

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If you buy human hair wig, do follow Lsybeauty’s hair care tips to get the optimal life span.

Synthetic wigs do not last as long as human hair wigs. They are less durable, a high quality synthetic wig with a 4-6 months lifespan, let alone a low quality one.

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Synthetic Wig vs Human Hair Wig: Daily Maintenance

Wigs made of synthetic materials require less care and maintenance than human hair ones. Synthetic wig is very easy to take care of. You would simply wash and dry it, no more styling, never have to be colored and no upkeep. “Low maintenance” becomes one of the decisive factors that synthetic wigs are so popular.

Human hair wig requires high maintenance to keep its natural pattern. It needs to be washed and conditioned frequently. If you wanna change the wig’s look, it is needed to re-styled the wig frequently.

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Synthetic Wig vs Human Hair Wig: Styling Versatility

Synthetic wigs are lack of flexibility. They cannot

◇ be heat styled,

 Synthetic wig cannot be straightened, permed or curled with heat styling tools, as the fibers in the synthetic hair will preserve the waves, curls of a hair piece. While, human hair wigs are heat safe wigs.

synthetic wig cannot be styled

◇ be bleached,

   Synthetic wigs cannot be bleached like human hair, as they are plastic. It is impossible and mortal to use hydrogen peroxide to soften your synthetic hair. The acidic will burn the synthetic wig, and destroy it completely.

◇ be colored,

 Synthetic wigs cannot be dyed into ombre color, as hair color wont adhere to the synthetic materials

As for human hair wig, because of the versatility of human hair systems, it presents the most styling versatility. You are able to cut it, change its color, do whatever type of fashion styling just like your natural hair. Due to human hair wig’s styling versatility, it requires more time to have it styled, which is the main reason that real hair wig needs high daily/weekly maintenance.

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Human Hair Wigs vs Synthetic Wigs: Price

Synthetic wig is much cheaper than human hair wig. Why?

◆ Real human hair’s more expensive than synthetic materials, so human hair wig costs more.

◆ Human hair wig give you a more natural appearance. More and more women are willing to pay more for a natural looking and shiny wig to get what they would expect from real hair.

◆ Real hair should be careful collecting. Purchasing agents in wig factories fly all around the world, to collect the high quality real human hair. A higher cost of procurement and purchasing lead to a higher sales price of human hair wig.

◆ A more complicated processing technique results in a higher price of real hair wig. Taking a body wave blonde ombre lace wig for example, the production procedure of this ombre wig is a process of: human hair collecting, hair lying in the same direction, hair grading, combing, bleaching, hair washing, drying, sorting, styling, prepare the pattern, making wig foundation, knotting, and final styling etc.

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Human Hair Wigs vs Synthetic Wigs: Weight

A real human hair wig is heavier than synthetic one with the same hair color, length and style. Some customers feel comfortable when wearing light-weight synthetic wig, while others prefer the sense of gravity of human hair wig. It’s really hard to judge which one is better from the point of view of weight.

When it comes to choosing a proper wig, the decisive factors would be “your particular needs”, “your budget” and “the occasion” -- such as, a top quality human hair wig for important dates/parties, and a synthetic wig for every day wearing.

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