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What’s the Difference between Lace Closure and Lace Frontal?

Some of you may be curious about what’s exactly the difference between lace frontals and lace closures? Which one is better when wearing hair extensions? Or how long does a lace closure/frontal last? In this blog, Lsybeauty Hair will detail all the necessary information on lace closure and lace frontal. Lsybeauty also lists the best-selling bundles with closure/frontal in 2019. Never miss it! Hope it will help you make the right decision.

What’s the Difference between Lace Closure and Lace Frontal?

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After reading the previous articles: what is ear to ear lace frontal? and what is lace closure?, I think you will have a basic understanding on these 2 hair pieces, and their benefits when wearing human hair extensions. In this article, from various aspects, Lsybeauty Hair will analyze the differences between lace frontal and lace closure? Are frontals better than closure? Surly, this post will answer all your questions on lace frontal (360 frontals included) & lace closure.

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Lace Frontal VS Lace Closure: Difference Between Frontals and Closures

. Lace Size

kinky curly 360 lace frontalkinky curly 360 lace frontal

A 360 frontal is a lace headband with hair on it. The lace size for a silk base 360 lace frontal is 22"x4"x2", 22 inch standing for the perimeter of the lace;

kinky curly 13×4 lace frontal

kinky curly 13×4 lace frontal

The lace size of lace frontal is 4 inch long (measured from the hairline backwards), 13 inch wide -from ear to ear -to lay down the front near the hairline (there are also 13×2 and 13×6 inch frontals);

4×4 lace closure
4×4 lace closure

Size of lace closure is 4 inch long, 4 inch wide, so it is also called “4×4 lace closure”. It fits in a small space on top of your head, according to your desired parting.

From the sizes of lace frontal and closure, we can see that, lace closures are smaller than frontals, though both of them can be used to close off your install.


. Cost

Compared with 13×4 lace frontal and 360 lace frontal, 4×4 lace closure is the smallest hairpiece, therefore closures are with the lowest prices. From the following chart, we will see the price gap between these 3 hairpieces. Taking 10 inch length for example:

Item Name



Lace closure


 lace closure

13×4 lace frontal


 lace frontal

360 lace frontal


 360 frontal

PS: from the chart above, we can see that the price gap between a lace frontal and a lace closure would be $10-$15. 360 lace frontal is more expensive than lace closure.


. Versatility

Frontals have more versatility than lace closures.

360 frontal versatility: with a 360 lace frontal you can effortlessly brush your hair back into a long ponytail. It can be held in different styles.

Lace frontal versatility: compared to lace closure, lace frontals require fewer hair bundles for a full install, and they even can be used without weave, so if you want to purchase less bundles: opt for a lace frontal. Though lace frontal is more dear than closure, it will give you a flawless and seamless hairline. With a lace frontal, you can part your hair anywhere you like, which makes frontals the most versatile option for black women.

Lace closure versatility: lace closures (4x4 inches) are used to recreate a natural hair parting, for example, if you love a simple middle-part, three or side part hairstyle: choose to buy lace closure (as there are 3 different options for a closure: three part, middle part, and free part). But wearing a lace closure, it is impossible to create half-up/half-down hairstyles and long ponytail hairstyles which can be easily achieved if you sew in with a lace frontal.

hair bundles with lace hair pieces

. Time of Duration

Many customers are curious about the duration time of their closure or frontal. Lsybeauty hair has taken a long time to collect & analyze useful date reviews, and will detail their lasting time below (for your reference only). Hope it will help you.

How long does a lace closure last: theoretically speaking, a lace closure can last for a long time if you properly care for it. The more proper maintenance, the longer its lifetime. Generally, Lsybeauty lace closures last about 4-6 weeks or longer, following our maintenance tips, but after each installment they will need to be replaced.

How long does a lace frontal last: lace frontals need attaching through glue, tape or sewing. If glued, frontal installation usually last around 2-3 weeks, making sure using top lace glue..

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The Similarities of Lace Frontals and Lace Closure

◇They both are typically sewn with human hair extensions to create a wig (used in the front part of a hair wig) or sewn onto braids, helping the hair weaving be natural looking.

◇Both lace frontal and closure are made of top quality Swiss lace.

◇Both of them are used to close off an install.

◇They can be placed either in frontal or behind the hairline.

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The Most Hot-selling Hairstyles (Bundles with Closure) in 2019

From our sales status in the first and second quarter of the year, Lsybeauty Hair found that “4 bundles and 1 closure” combination packages took a large proportion, just behind lace frontal wigs.

The top selling bundles with closure are listed below:

 Grade 8a Indian hair body wave 4 bundles with a lace closure

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 Top 9A Brazilian body wave weave 3 bundles with closure

 divider line9A Best Peruvian hair deep wave hairstyle 3 bundles with closure

 page divider designOmbre body wave 99j color hair 3 bundles with a 4×4 lace closure

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The Most Hot-selling Hairstyles (Bundles with Frontal) in 2019

Deep wave hairstyle is earning its popularity in the world in recent years, deep wave hair with frontal still being popular in 2019.

 9A Brazilian straight hair 4 bundles with lace frontal

 divider line8A Malaysian Jerry curly human hair 4 bundles with frontal

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8A Cheap Malaysian natural wave 3 bundles with frontal

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 Best 9A Brazilian kinky curly 3 bundles with frontal

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