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Why to Choose Indian Virgin Hair? Types of Indian Hair Extensions?

Most of raw Indian hair are collected from temples, little of them collecting from individuals. Indian virgin hair has earn its popularity in the world because of its finer quality, affordable price. Lsybeauty Hair will explain types of Indian remy hair extensions, and lists reasons why you should choose Indian hair? Hope this post will help you know more info of Indian virgin hair.

Why to Choose Indian Virgin Hair? Types of Indian Hair Extensions?

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Raw Indian Hair

As the name implies, Indian hair comes from India. Hair companies get raw Indian hair through 2 means:

  1. Collecting and buying from temples. Every year, Indian people shave or cut their ponytails to donate their hair to temples. It is an ancient Hindu tradition in the locals. People in the temples will collect all these hair strands, and then auction them off to foreign hair companies, most of which come from China.
  2. Collecting from individuals that sell their hair.

Indian virgin hair is one of the most readily available form of hair, just like Brazilian hair. After collecting, hair factories make Indian virgin hair into wigs and Indian human hair extensions. Both men and women would wear wigs, for different reasons: hair loss, illness, or just for fashion. Just look around at your friends, families, some of their hair wigs are made of 100% Indian hair.

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Why to Choose Indian Virgin Hair?

Data shows that there are about 42% of US buyers showing the greatest interest in Indian hair extension and wig products in the past year. When it comes to online shopping for hair extensions, Indian hair extensions would be their first choice. For US sellers, it is a profitable and prosperous business of selling Indian virgin hair and related products. The reasons as following:

why choose Indian virgin hair beautyIndian virgin hair affordable price

◆ Indian hair is known for its beauty. It has a very good density which makes it style, straighten or curl easily. Some beauties want to experiment with different hair colors, so they choose to dye their hair extension after receiving it. Indian virgin hair extensions will definitely be a good option for you to create the hair style/color that you desire. It offers the most styling options for those who want to create a variety of styles.

◆ The texture and natural color of Indian remy hair are very easily mixed with all hair types, such as African American hair, which makes Indian hair the most available hair on the market today. As far as hair extensions go, Indian remy hair is truly the most versatile.

bouncy Indian hairquality Indian virgin hair

◆ Indian virgin hair products, such as hair extensions and wigs, are with affordable price. It is possible for a wearer to own a 100% real Indian human hair extensions at an affordable price. The affordable price has been its another advantage.

◆ Virgin Indian hair is bouncy and light. Indian hair extensions give wearers instant enhancement to their appearance, making you feel confident. In various hair extensions online stores, wearers write the most helpful customer reviews of the most popular Indian hair, to show their favorable votes for Indian hair.

◆ Virgin Indian remy hair is with premium quality. Pure Indian hair extensions look perfectly natural and they will last far longer. Virgin Indian hair will breathe life into your overall look, which makes it so popular among both men and women all around the world.

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Indian Remy Hair Extensions

All Indian hair are lumped together, graded, cleaned (removing the impurities), processed into hair extensions, hair weaves and wigs, and styled into the most popular look. With the increasing popularity of Indian virgin hair over the years, Indian hair extensions are a more and more booming business.

Indian remy hair extensions are highly recommend for African-American women to show their beauty and elegance. From the sales data of Lsybeauty Hair’s first two seasons, we can see that black women make up the largest consumers group in remy Indian hair extensions wholesale. We sincerely thank you for your support.

Indian hair extensions are usually sold 3 bundles or 4 bundles of hair together. If the wearer want to have a fuller and luscious-like look, they will choose bundles with a lace closure or frontal for a full sew-in.

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The hair texture of Indian hair extensions includes: straight, wavy texture (natural wave, water wave, loose wave, body wave, deep wave), and curly texture (kinky curly, jerry curly). The great variety of Indian human hair extensions allow you to pick the texture that best corresponds to your favor, to achieve your desired look.


 Indian straight hair

Indian straight hair:

Hair is one of the most important parts of one’s look, especially for celebrities, like Jenner, Rihanna.

Indian straight hair is the ultimate simple and classic style. It is an ageless hairstyle ideal for anyone and will never go out of fashion. If you feel stressful to find a perfect hairstyle, go straight will always be a right choice.


Features of Indian straight hair:

◆ Totally shed-free and tangle-free

◆ Shiny Indian straight hair, giving you a fantastic look.

◆ Indian straight hair highlights your best features. Having long straight hair always make you look more attractive.

◆ Wearing straight hair extensions, it’s easier for you to part, shape into whatever design you like.


 Indian curly hair

Indian curly hair:

Indian hair holds curl well. The Indian curly texture tends to be even more curly when wet. Therefore, Indian curly hair has become super popular and in high demand now. Indian curly hair is a must-have product in most black women’s beauty arsenals. It is a perfectly curly hair that will never go out of style. Virgin Indian curly hair extensions come in a variety of lengths, colors and bundles, which makes it easy for you to find a curly hair that’s perfect for you.


Features of Indian curly hair:

◆ Each bundle is about 100kg in a different lengths ranging from 8 to 30 inch. 3-4 bundles with closure for a full sew in.

◆ Can be colored, cut and bleached.

◆ Made of 100% real Indian human hair, pure and fine-quality.

◆ The curls look very natural.

◆ The texture of these curly extensions is glossy and lustrous.

Lsybeauty Hair provides you purely natural Indian curly hair extensions. You can achieve a beautiful hairstyle by wearing good but cheap kinky curly weave.


 Indian wavy hair

Indian wavy hair:

Indian hair are wrapped around large rollers to create a soft and natural looking wavy (loose curl) hair texture. Indian wavy hair change the texture of virgin Indian hair in a long-lasting way.


Features of Indian wavy hair:

◆ Wavy hair do not need to struggle with lace of volume in straight hair, and not need to tame the frizz and care for curls. Total win.

◆ Wavy hair requires little maintenance. It only requires a little product to go a long way.

◆ both long, medium and short Indian wavy hair look fabulous.

The most sought after Indian wavy hair styles come in Indian loose wave, Indian natural wave, and Indian deep wave. They come in different colors and lengths, and always look natural looking when worn. All of those wavy hair are with luster, fullness.

Indian loose wave

Indian natural wave

Indian deep wave

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