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What are Hair Extensions? How to Care for Hair Extensions?

A good pair of hair extensions will last for months and years with proper care and maintenance. In this article, Lsybeauty Hair will tell your “what are hair extensions” and “how to care for and maintain your hair extensions”. Hope it will help you in your choosing of hair extension bundles.

What are Hair Extensions? How to Care for Hair Extensions?

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Every woman want lush, fashionable and beautiful long hairs. Hair extension and wig products would be the best and convenient way to rock different and amazing hairstyles.

But just what are hair extensions and how to care for them?

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What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions, also known as hair weaves, are wefts of hair designed to add color, extra length or volume to women’s natural hair, to change one’s appearance instantly. They are manufactured (also can be customized) in a diverse range of bundles, textures and colors, to match hair weaving to the clients requirements. They can be made of real human hair or synthetic material.

Human hair extensions are top quality hair pieces made with premium 100% real hair. They are made to look and feel completely natural. Plus because it’s real hair, you can wash, dye, bleach, style your real hair bundles just as your own hair. With proper care, human hair extensions will last a much longer time than synthetic hair ones. Natural hair extensions are a great choice for anyone who want a temporary hair style change.

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Synthetic hair extensions are made with artificial hair, used in the same way as human hair extensions to attach closely to your natural hair using glues, tapes or clip-ons. It is a cheaper option for women who are on a tight budget, but synthetic hair extensions tangle quite easily, typically requiring regular replacement. They cannot be heat styled and cannot last as long as human hair.

About Lsybeauty Hair Extensions:

Lsybeauty Hair is a well-known brand manufacturing and exporting 100% human hair extensions and wigs. We provide medium quality (8A) and premium quality (9A) hair weaves in today's timely fashion, and give you the hair opportunities to try out multiple looks that you want to achieve at home. Lsybeauty hair extensions share a killer fashion sense, and let you constantly take your looks to the next level. We sell hair extensions to thousands of hair retailers and salons. This is only the beginning, and our market is still increasing year by year. See different textures of hair extensions provided by Lsybeauty Hair here!

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How Many Different Types of Hair Extensions are there?

With the grow of global hair beauty market, the demand for new styles, methods has too.

Flip-in, clip-in, tape in, sew-in, fusion, micro loop......

There are so many different kinds of hair extensions, each type of which offers unique benefits and value.

--Flip-in Hair Extensions

--Clip-in Hair Extensions

--Micro Loop Hair Extensions

--Fusion Hair Extensions

--Tape-in Hair Extensions

--Sew-in Hair Extensions

In this article, Lsybeauty Hair will take you through the journey of different types of hair extensions that are still in huge demand today. Let’s check them one by one:

Flip-in Hair Extension 

Flip-in Hair Extension

It is a non-permanent extension, also called as “halo hair extensions”, or “wire extensions”. it consists of 2 parts: one piece of big hair weft and a thin wire by which the flip-in extension is attached to your head. No clips, tapes & glue, No damage to your hair. After wearing it (usually taking 1 minute to fit), the string is hidden by the top layer of the wearer’s hair.

It is a user-friendly hair extension, especially for beginners, because it’s easy and simple to put in and remove your flip in hair piece, much quicker than clip-ins.


Clip-in Hair Extensions 

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Hair wefts are cut into different pieces, and then sew in several pressure clips to be latched onto the wearer’s own hair. That is “clip-in hair extensions”, used as temporary extensions for women to fix for special occasions-weddings or parties.

Clip-ins come in different colors, textures, sizes and prices, no limit to length & volume. It takes time to clip them one by one, and then style, but they look quite impressive.


Micro Link Hair Extensions 

Micro Link Hair Extensions

Micro links are also known as micro link/micro beads/micro loop or micro locks. These are attached by small silicone-lined bead to place securely in your natural hair, to add for length and volume. No glue. Micro link hair extensions should be gently put in and take out, preventing from damaging your own hair. A special tool is used to secure and tight the hair strand in place.



Fusion Hair Extensions 

Fusion Hair Extensions

They are single strand hair extensions to be attach to individual strands of the wearer’s hair to get their hair longer and thicker, almost similar to micro loop hair extensions. Fusion hair extensions are fused to natural hair using a special kind of glue. It takes a much longer time to apply fusion hair extensions, when compared with micro link and other hair extensions.


Tape in hair extensions 

Tape in hair extensions

These are with double or single-sided tape. The wearer’s hair is put between two wefts and get the adhesive together to create a seal. It won’t take too much time to install the extensions. The wearers should avoid using heavy conditioners to stop the hair extensions from slipping. Tape-ins can always be re-used.


Weave hair extensions 

Sew-In Hair Extensions/Weave hair extensions

Bundles are a collection of human hair or synthetic hair wefts tied up together. They are sold to be used for weaves, and usually 3 bundles or 4 bundles hair are sold together to get a full head for the customers. 8-30 inches are available.

A weft is bulk human hair being sewn together by the machine. These are hair wefts being weaved into the braids or cornrow with a needle and a thread, no glue or heat. There are many different textures, color and types of hair for black women to pick from. As not all hair types can handle the stress from the braiding, sew-in technique is not for every client. Weave hair extensions are predominantly used for those who are with thicker hair.

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How to Take Care of Hair Extensions

It will ensure you get the max lifespan of hair extensions to know how to care for them. Your hair extensions will stay looking gorgeous with proper care and storage.


Washing: how to wash your hair extensions?

It is important to cleanse your hair extensions using quality hair care products such as silicone/sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.


◆ Comb and detangle the hair weaves before washing.

◆ After wetting the hair well, gently apply the shampoo to the root area.

◆ When shampooing the hair, avoid scrubbing your hair extensions too hard.

◆ Rinse the hair with warm water. After that, conditioning hair extensions only from mid-shaft to the ends of your hair.

◆ Do not wash them every day. It is recommended to wash them once a week.

◆ Leave them to dry naturally, especially if you buy synthetic hair extensions, please do not use heat tools. That will damage your extensions a lot.

 wash your hair extensions

how to wash your human hair extensions

Drying: how to dry your hair extensions?

Lsybeauty Hair always tell our customers to air dry their hair extensions after washing and conditioning. The only thing you need to do is to simply leave the hair extensions in a well aired environment, air drying them.


◆ Avoid brushing the hair pieces while they are wet.

◆ Wrap the hair extensions in the towel to remove the initial moisture before air drying it.

◆ Try not to use a hair dryer to dry your hair extensions.

Towel blot your hair extensions to remove excess water

Brushing: how to brush your hair extensions?

You can use a brush and other styling tools once your hair is about 50% dry. Moreover, whether you are wearing your hair extensions or not, brush them daily (2-3 timer per day) to avoid temporary dreadlocks.


◆ It’s better to use a good hair extension brush, or a wide-tooth comb to brush the hair extensions.

◆ Brush them gently if you feel tangles.

comb your extensions

Professional maintenance

Human hair extensions should be stored carefully to prolong their service life.


◆ Once you take them off, gently comb them using your finger to get them away from tangling.

◆ Put them away neatly in a dry place. It is better to lay them flat in a container or box.

◆ Keep them away from heat or cold.


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